This post quickly covers the tools I’m using after about 2 months of development study and practice. I will revisit this in a year or so to se what has changed and explain what tools I still use, and what tools end up getting replaced. My workflow seems to be very generic right now and it will be interesting to see how it changes as I mature as a developer.

Code editing

Sublime Text (well duh!) – Typically with the folder of the project I’m working on, whether that be a website or git repo. The multiple cursors, built-in code completion, and endless plugins make this choice a no brainer!

Source versioning

Git – I use 3 different git frontends depending on the location of the remote repo. CLI for my website hosting, GitHub app for GitHub, and SourceTree for BitBucket and other local repos.


GitHub Gists – I access this via the Gist plugin in Sublime Text which is extremely easy to use. I originally tried out CodeBox but it just was weird going to another app to grab some code, even with the easy to use menubar access.

Code testing

Chrome – I use this for my main browser and also for testing web stuff I’m working on. The Dev Tools are amazing and I love the speed.

CodeRunner – From the Mac App Store, this app is amazing for running snippets of any type of code. I use it mostly for Python right now, as my work with Javascript and PHP is testing usually in the browser.

Node.js – For running Javascript apps locally, this is an awesome framework. I love how easy it is to use NPM for package management with package.json.

Image editing

Pixelmator – I can’t believe the amount of features you get for such a low price!  I used to have access to Photoshop at school and it took a bit of adjustment to Pixelmator, but I’m easily capable to doing 95% of what I knew how to do in Photoshop. That last 5% wasn’t too important anyway 🙂


Evernote – I keep articles, notes, documentation, comics, and screenshots in Evernote. I’ve been using Evernote since it was in beta and I still find new ways to use it and I love that. It’s the app that grows with you.

1Password – I needed a quick way to generate random passwords and keep track of my million different logins, 1Password provided that in ways I couldn’t imagine.

Spotify – I need tunes. Like, all the time. For the cost of an album a month I can listen to whatever I want.

iTerm2 – I’m not completely sure how this is better than the built in but I use it and that’s that.

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