mat climbing
I am a geek by day, musician and adventurer by weekend.

As a self-proclaimed packet geek and python addict, I am always seeking ways to combine the two in any way possible. The best tools are ones that are easy to use so that people actually use them! I always put as much effort and thought into the form as well as function of my projects.

I am an avid Wireshark enthusiast and am constantly reading to master and keep up with enhancements in TCP/IP and network applications. I regularly analyze traffic for proprietary networking appliances which requires strong skills in recognizing regular and abnormal packet interactions. Packet captures are a big part of my troubleshooting arsenal and I live by the motto, “packets never lie.”

I enjoy cycling, climbing, backpacking, and jumping off of stuff. A few days every now and then in the woods without electronics is perfectly healthy and necessary.